July art challenge day 17

Day 17 prompt: Not building a wall, but making a brick.

I love this prompt. It is making me think about what a long-term, consistent practice might look like these days, and about what activities, ideas, and people are the bricks in that practice.

In the meantime, I added some more literal bricks to my map:

Claremont topo map as of July 17, 2016.

Claremont topo map as of July 17, 2016.


July Art Challenge Day 2: Lobsters and Maps

Day 2 prompt: Work at a different speed.

After a conversation with Mike on “what if lobbyists were called lobsters?”, this set of 4 cartoons all drawn in 30 seconds. I rarely draw and I’ve never set a 30-second time limit on making something before.

"Lobsters on Capitol Hill" paper, ink

“Lobsters on Capitol Hill”. paper, ink

I also submit today my ongoing embroidery project. Ongoing, as in, I started it weeks ago. I’ve never taken this long on a non-dance project and I didn’t know the learning curve for stitching would be this gruelingly slow. But I love it.

topographical map of Claremont, CA. linen, thread.

topographical map of Claremont, CA. linen, thread.

Claremont topo map 1, day 1


This is what I completed at Make Stuff + Hangout Night #1. Other people at the table were sewing napkins, crocheting slippers, drawing mountains, and coloring mandalas. Three or four of us were singing loudly along to Madonna’s True Blue album. I had a really good time.